Policy Briefs

Domestic & Home-based Women Workers' Vulnerabilities during COVID-19 and the Role of Digital Technology

The aim of this project is to understand how the lives of domestic and home-based workers in Lahore and Kasur were affected by the challenges presented during Covid-19. The policy brief highlights research findings and policy recommendations compiled by Dr. Hadia Majid and Dr. Maryam Mustafa with the help of specialists from various women empowerment NGOs across Pakistan.

Reports and Posts

29th March 2022

Maryam Mustafa

I moved back to Lahore 3 years ago after more than a decade of living abroad. The city had moved on, grown, evolved and I no longer recognized the streets, the trees or the neighbourhoods.

4th April 2022

Hadia Majid

World Bank poverty estimates show that 44 percent of global extreme poverty is concentrated among children. Moreover, there are 105 girls for every 100 boys living in extremely poor households.

12th September 2022

Taqdees Aziz

Technology access and adoption are taking place at an accelerated pace across the world. Yet, vast swathes of the global population still remain outside the digital realm. Here, the digital gender divide is especially wide in low-income countries including Pakistan.