GenTech: Gender and Technology Research Cluster

Designing technologies for economic and social empowerment

The Gender and Technology Research Cluster at LUMS is centred on advancing women’s digital and economic empowerment. In this, a key area of research and intervention is furthering women’s access to labour markets and their access to and use of digital technology. In the end, our objective is to create mechanisms for support that enable economic and social empowerment.


GenTech Co-Director Dr Maryam Mustafa Presents 'Awaaz-e-Sehat' Project at United Nations General Assembly

Funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, our co-director Dr Maryam Mustafa presents her work on improving mental health outcomes on in Pakistan using AI tools.    

A LUMS funded project conducted in collaboration with the Kashf Foundation to explore the impact of technologies and mobile wallets on low-income women’s economic empowerment in Pakistan. 

A cross-funded project exploring women's experience in running home-based digital businesses and strategies they use to address challenges of digital payments, privacy and safety in an online space.

IDRC funded project exploring experiences of abuse, harassment, access to jobs and potential technology designs for female factory workers. 

A LUMS funded project looking at the gendered use of technology by women across Pakistan. Focuses on women's initial onboarding and training.

Funding Partners